Memphis Ribs - This is actually my pic! :)

Memphis Ribs - This is actually my pic! 🙂

I’m a bit shocked and yes, disappointed, that I didn’t eat enough ribs to make me sick. Is that wrong?

When I go to Korean BBQ, I kind of want to kill myself, if only to relieve the pressure of the 1.25 tons of meat trying to extricate itself from within the walls of my stomach.

So where did I do wrong here??

My friend and I had a plan to split as many meals from as many different food stands as possible. We did three servings of ribs (two Memphis style, one St. Louis style), one pulled pork sandwich (Texas style) and I ventured on my own and crammed a hot peach cobbler with a 50% butter crust topped with ice cream down the gullet.

The first set of ribs from the Memphis Championship Barbeque were the best. Fall off the bone meat, check. Crispy skin, check. If there are other noteworthy attributes to a good set of ribs, please let me know, as those are my only criteria.

The follow up dish was from Gus’s in Pasadena, CA. Apparently they know good BBQ there, because their ribs / brisket combo seemed to be the hit of our group.

There were supposed to be some Johnny Cash cover bands playing that day. I did hear “Ring of Fire” playing but then it seemed to be all Bon Jovi songs.

Since the LA BBQ Festival was in a parking lot next to the Santa Monica pier, we decided to walk off our food hangovers down the pier. We watched the tourists buy overpriced slushis, have their names written on a grain of rice and stand around awkwardly watching a street performer set up his non-working boom box. Standing back far enough to avoid tipping.

I feel as if I could have done at least one more set of ribs…dammit….