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  • June 18, 2012 9:12 pm

Tuna Tataki Salad - Spicy asian greens, pickled daikon radish, red pepper maki roll, spicy peanut sauce

I’m not sure what the hell Royal T is.

It’s this enormous space in Culver City that’s an art gallery, a flower shop and a bar that sells tea.

Oh, and a cafe that serves light Asiany salads and sandwiches.

I knew I was going to eat a gnarly, artery clogging dinner so I chose a very healthy salad for lunch.

Now, I’m not going to scold a plate of greens for not tasting like a Grilled Cheese. That’s just unreasonable.

I just wish they gave me more of that tasty peanut dressing, is all!

Ok, that’s all. We’re good.

8910 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 559-6300

(dot org??)


  • June 17, 2012 7:31 pm

Pulled Pork "Sundaes" with Coleslaw and Baked Beans

I just love this place.

Hey, any restaurant I’ve deigned give a second look at must be pretty groovy, no?

It’s been around 14 years (forever in LA restaurant terms) and has never disappointed.

Not too pretentious. Well, maybe just a smidgen so you feel like you’re getting a little sumthin for your dough.

We pay good money to be subjected to that obligatory, awkward half minute while the waiter de-crumbs your table.


The best part of Lucques (besides those awesome cocktails) are their Sunday Suppers.

I don’t know why more restaurants don’t have theme nights, but Lucques is abiding by the number #1 cardinal restaurant rule – BE KNOWN FOR SOMETHING.

You want people to be saying the following about your restaurant:

“Oh, they have an amazing grilled cheese night!”

“They have the largest selection of Courvoirsier in all of LA!”

“The bathrooms are zero gravity and they have an off-the-menu burger made completely of the endangered mammal of your choice rolled in edible gold.”

Here are the facts:

FRIED CHICKEN: Perfect crispiness, the brine provided a very unique flavor and there was more meat on the leg and thigh than I had anticipated.

PULLED PORK SUNDAES: Very tasty and very fun. Traditional flavors going on.

SUCCOTASH: A nice veggie break during the meaty meat fest. Very simple, nothing terribly special.


BANANA CREAM PIE: Very rich and delicious. We could have easily shared one serving. Oh well, I’m a pig and I finished the whole thing.

BTW, we sat next to a fabulous mother and daughter duo who entertained us most of the night. Great meeting you guys, if my blog hasn’t completely turned you off!

Lucques isn’t going anywhere. It’s a solid, exciting restaurant still able to retain a familiar but fresh approach to cuisine and I think I’m a Sunday Supper fan for life.

Gee, don’t I sound all professional??


8474 Melrose Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(323) 655-6277

House-Made Biscuits and Gravy

Succotash Salad with Cherry Tomato and Black Eyed Peas

Sweat-Tea brined Fried Chicken

Frozen Banana Cream Pie with Graham Cracker crust, Bourbon-Whipped Cream and Maple Pecans


  • June 14, 2012 10:56 pm

Birria Tacos (Lamb/Beef mixture) braised for 16 hours - YUM.

Kosher Mexican sounded like such an unique combination, I knew I had to check it out!

Located on a stretch of Pico sandwiched by all the old Kosher standbys, this new pisher on the block has really struck gold. This stuff is delicious.

These folks have realized it’s not just enough to be kosher. I’ve been to my fair share of LA’s kosher establishments and “delicious” would NOT be used in the same sentence.

The high point is the TLC they put into their meats. They’re not serving up boiled chicken breast or stringy beef. You can taste the marinade and the fat and the flavor. You almost get squirted in the eye with juices when they cut through that chicken. Thank god for the glass partition!

This obsessive attention paid to the meat is exactly how you can have Mexican food without the cheese. I know you were thinking that. Trust me, you won’t even miss it.

You’ll be saying “Cheese, who?”

But you’ll say it a crowded elevator a few days later, followed by an uncomfortable silence.

8832 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90035
(310) 271-0900

MexiKosher on Urbanspoon

Carne Asada Nachos

Fresh Cacti

Kosher Pinatas


  • June 12, 2012 10:14 pm

Coney Dog. Chili, Onions and Mustard. Oh, and let's not forget what appears to be the tip of something naughty poking out.

Like many folks, I spent much of my youth consuming hot dogs.

What else do you eat at picnics, bbq’s, parks, under the covers or hiding in that last stall in a public restroom, sobbing uncontrollably?

In my late teens, I once experienced a terrible NIGHTMARE. While I was awake.

I’ll walk you through it.

A late afternoon at the County Fair.

Almost closing time.

The hot dog vendor is offering two hot dogs for $1.

What? Yes!

I eat them.

They’re good.

Then, my stomach begins to growl like I had just pissed him off.

Then the stomach gossiped to my colon about what an a*sshole I was and the two started conspiring against me.

I was with two friends and we got in the car to leave.

Trouble was, there was a HUGE traffic jam upon exit.

I started to panic. I was in agony and the gurgling would not subside.

Any passing of gas would result in the full evacuation of my bowels in backseat.

This was not an option….yet.

I don’t recall how much time had passed before I wanted to die and I had to ignore my humanity and do something unforgivably animal-like.

Then the choice was made for me.

I crapped in a church parking lot. Right next to a sea of non-moving cars.

Only a few sparse bushes lay between my humiliating defecation and an eager audience.

Not often in life does one experience such beautiful relief and such scarring abasement, simultaneously.

Especially not while desecrating holy grounds!

The conditions back in the vehicle upon my re-entrance were…unpleasant to say the least. All four windows were rolled down at lightening speed.

Needless to say, I didn’t really eat hot dogs after this event.

Maybe 15 years later, I started dipping my toe in the hot dog water again.

I only eat quality dogs now, NEVER anything on sale! I try to do all beef. I guess those ones contain less hoof and snout? God only knows.

Coney Dog, a new Detroit-worshipping spot on Sunset, was all out of the all beef ones.


So, I chose the regular Coney Dog.

The chili was really great but I think I would have preferred the all beef one. I like a thicker dog, less entrails and pig’s blood.

A hot dog is basically a sacrifice to satan, wrapped up in a neat shape.

8873 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 854-1172

Just your average fries, hangin' out.

Apparently this is famous in Detroit. Similar in taste to that other soda, Big Red.

Where everybody at? This man is clearly making a run for the restroom.


  • June 11, 2012 9:37 pm

A Farmer's Market Booty!

It’s Monday night and I’m tired.


I love adding chicken to a good vegan soup.


  • June 11, 2012 8:42 am

Pizzette with prosciutto di Parma avec arugula

What a mess we were tonight.

Intoxicated, loud, spilled beverages FOUR times all over the table.

I’m 99% sure that 100% of our fellow patrons DESPISED us.

As well as our waitress and manager who paid us a visit on several occasions.

Captain kept begging him to try the wines she had brought in from Paso Robles, which he finally did.

I’m not sure if we were treated like VIP’s or dangerous felons to be handled with care until the police could be notified.

A.K. was the star of the show, tonight. Thankfully, he travels with his own soap box.

He would dominate the conversation with ramblings of our pending group trip to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro while smashing his wine glass to bits (much to the chagrin of the white shirt he was married in) and then spilling the creamer and then his entire cup of coffee just before our exit.

And then I spilled an entire glass of water. At least it’s clear!

Now, about the actual restaurant.

First the good news.

The places is crazy cute, love the french bistro vibe. If I lived closer, I’d come here for wine and convo.

The service was excellent, we should have given the gal a $450 tip for how we behaved.

And if you’re reading this, nice waitress, I apologize.

And Mom, if you’re reading this, it was everyone else. Not me.

Now, the bad news. I was really disappointed in my spaghetti with grande meat ball. The meatball was straight up burnt. And there wasn’t enough sauce to re-moisten it.

We ended up disecting chunks of the meteor-esque meat croquette ball and soaking it in the very tasty vodka sauce of another dish.

Everything else was tasty so I won’t go all melodramatic on you about how this was the worst night of my life as a result of a burned ball of meat.

I’ll be fine. Eventually.

7910 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 424-4767

Warm bread with dipping sauce

Frisee aux Lardons

Black mussels cooked in chablis, shallots, garlic and saffron

Penne ala vodka with roasted Mary's organic chicken

Spaghetti avec XXL Meatball

Winner of the most spills award. Much to the delight of the other dining guests.

And then this drove by.


  • June 8, 2012 10:02 am

Scottish Pie. Yes, this is a food product.

The meat pie pictured above is the only reason I still go back to the Renaissance Faire.

My annual craving brings me back to this god forsaken festival of freaks year after year.

If you happen to be bored to tears, feel free to peruse the past two years faire musings.

Renaissance 2010

Renaissance 2011

So folks, enjoy my most likely final visit to this sweaty, debaucherous, swingers wonderland:

This photo perfectly sums up the Faire. Except for the cat halloween costume element.

Young, 70's hippy love. 1670's, that is.

"Did I accidentally order nachos??" "Eyes straight ahead Helen, there's a ghostly serial killer behind you!"

Passing on this baffling counter culture to future generations

Hubert, on his way to the local single's mixer, grew apprehensive. Will the wenches be as receptive as usual? Dressed in his finest wares, beard freshly clipped, the confidence he needed finally came to him.

This seductive jig was considered highly erotic back in the day, often resulting in several arrests.

These lusty ladies normally have nothing in common but the Faire brings everyone together!

Are they at a fun festival or on a death march?

Clearly at the wrong festival.

Sausage Roll

Taco Bell – Doritos Locos Taco

  • June 7, 2012 6:56 am

Grade "D" for "Delicious"!

Guess what, folks?

Humans like junk food.

They like it even better when you combine TWO junk foods.

It’s no coincidence the most popular flavor of Ruffles is the Cheddar and Sour Cream.

It’s everything that’s sick and wrong with America.

In 10 WEEKS, they’ve sold 100 MILLION of these all natural, sun-hued little devils.

To put this insanity into perspective, it took 3 YEARS for McDonald’s to sell it’s 100 millionth burger.

That being said, we weren’t as greedy and obese back then. And we’re obviously ordering only one burger while the average taco order is 3.

Growing up in a tiny town, I used to eat Taco Bell all the time. It was either that or Jack in the Box. So, I chose to run for the border.

Eventually, I started to experience a different kind of running. Every time.

I finally put two and two (tacos, that is) together and I got four (diarrhea).

SO, I put the Kibosh on this establishment and didn’t go back for almost ten years.

That hiatus is clearly ovah!

BTW, each of these tacos is 200 calories and contains 11 grams of fat.

BBTW, they’re actually pretty tasty! Seriously!

BBBTW, see below for what this thing is supposed to look like.

Yeah, right.


  • June 5, 2012 8:40 pm

Kimchee Ramen - YUM!

I know, I know.

More ramen.

You’re sick of seeing ramen and I get it. Sorry, I’m a man obsessed. I want to try them all!!

And subject you to their spicy, steamy goodness.

Asahi is just one of a million ramen places in LA. And just like all of them, if you order the wrong thing, you could be in store for a big ass hot bowl of boring.

(Here’s a hint if you don’t like flavorless. Never order the clear, Shio broth)

Luckily, I research for hours online to ensure I never order the wrong thing.

And face disgrace and excommunication from my family.

I really liked the spicy and sour combo of the Kimchee Ramen. And good luck finishing it, you piggy. They give you an ENORMOUS portion.

Oh. I thought I had more to say. I guess I’m done.

2027 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 479-2231

Kimchee Cucumbers


  • June 5, 2012 8:57 am

Char-Grilled Beef Burger with Cheddar, Tomato & Worcestershire Aioli


The Pikey recently opened up in my neighborhood, replacing not one but two of my favorite haunts.

The old, craggy, smelly standby Coach and Horses and my favorite Indian food in LA, Curry Palace.

Coach was a dumpy dive and the locals loved it. Apparently, not enough cuz it’s gone.

Everytime I dined at Curry Palace, I was the ONLY one in there. It was so quiet you could hear a samosa drop. I’m shocked it stayed in business this long.

But I could walk to both places and this benefit trumped any issues I had with quality control.

While completely changing Curry Palace into a hip, upscale British pub on one side, they kept the aesthetic of Coach and Horses on the other side by keeping it dark, red, dive bar-ish. Just cleaned up and given a burlesque facelift.

Well, that’s what I gathered from the 5 seconds I poked my head in there. I saw animal horns on the wall, not sure if that’s a common stripper wall adornment.

I do appreciate the Gemini-ness of the Pikey’s split personalities.

While the burger and welsh rarebit were quite tasty (the burger was a tad rare for my liking), the cocktails were the main attraction.

Between Sonigram and myself, we tried three creative libations which were all equally delicious. If you go, get the Caravan. A rum and pineapple drink with habanero-infused peach bitters that’s out of this world.

My one suggestion, folks at the Pikey. Get a happy hour. And soon.

You’re not on a stretch of Sunset that can really demand $14 cocktail prices on a regular basis, especially when there’s El Compadre across the street where you can get a flaming margarita for almost half that.

7617 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 850-5400

Laddie Dill: Svedka Vodka, Crushed Cucumber and Dill, Lime Juice, Salt and Pepper

Oysters of some sort (from the east coast, that's all I can remember since I didn't eat any)

Welsh Rarebit. An old British dish comprised of toast topped with a cheesy worcestershire sauce situation