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BIG MEC, double cheeseburger 17.95

Petit Trois is one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time. And I’m including my recent meals in NYC. It’s that good.

There wasn’t a single thing I wouldn’t order again. And several items I still dream about.

First off, the place is super tiny. Don’t come with a group. Don’t even come with more than one person, unless you really, strongly dislike one of those persons.

Stools are your only seating choice, so take note if you have any back issues or enjoy complaining about non-existent back issues.

If you come here, you MUST order the omelet. Definitely share it with your friend as an appetizer. It’s superb. Stuffed with soft French cheese. So silky. So sexy. Omelets are never sexy. Except this one.

I would definitely swipe right on this omelet.

They give you a complimentary crusty baguette to start, so come hungry. Come starving. Nothing on this menu is light. It’s all incredibly decadent French fare and you will love it. Everyone except those back problem complainers. I’m sure you’ll find something to bitch about.

The Croque Madame may seem small but it packs a wallop. It’s pricey, at $23 bucks but you will not leave hungry. Unless you have a hollow leg or tape worm.

We had no complaints about the Confit-Fried Chicken Leg, however, I would not order it above any of the other dishes we tried. The omelet and burger are your two “Must Order” dishes, for sure. “What burger?” you ask.

The Big Mec burger is perfection. So saucy and cheesy. I hate a dry ass burger. This is not that. Simple and sexy. Not as sexy as the omelet. Maybe, more of an ugly sexy. A burger you’d take home and then sneak out the back door in the morning.

718 N Highland Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 468-8916
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Complimentary Table Baguette

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FRENCH ONION SOUP, gruyère, emmental 13

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CONFIT-FRIED CHICKEN LEG, brioche butter, frisée salad 24

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CONFIT-FRIED CHICKEN LEG, brioche butter, frisée salad 24

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OMELETTE, Boursin pepper cheese, chives 18

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Trust – This will be the best omelette you ever consume in your lifetime.

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CROQUE MADAME, ham, mornay sauce 23

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