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Crispy Hash Brown Chilaquiles, sunny side up egg, cotija, salsa macho – $10.25

Because I love all things Chef Ludo, I made sure to check out all the two new Trois restaurant additions since I left LA.

Trois Familia is the brand new collaboration between Ludo Lefebvre and the Jon and Vinny team. Since talking about restaurant ownership is about 100% less interesting than talking about food, I’ll stop right there. Google “Trois Familia” if you really care.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Trois Familia is a cute breakfast and lunch only spot in Silverlake. It closes at 2 pm, which is annoying. People love breakfast all day, as McDonald’s can attest to. Let’s move on.

If you don’t show up right when they open, you’ll be waiting. We waited about 20 minutes. Not bad, for NYC standards.

The dishes are all creative Mexican fare with portions being on the smaller side. Definitely fun to order a bunch of stuff and share. Ok, maybe not fun. I’m almost 40, is anything really “fun” anymore?

The best dish was most definitely the Hash Brown Chilaquiles. Spicy, flavorful, crispy, saucy…eggy? Just a really great dish.

The Poached Omelette sandwich was also great. The caramelized onion gravy looks scary but it made the sandwich.

The Double Decker Potato tacos were just ok. They could have used something else. Maybe some roasted peppers or any kind of seasoning. Thank goodness for the house made hot sauce at our disposal.

The Horchata was a bit pricey at $7 but tasty and lasted the entire meal. I can’t remember the last time any one beverage lasted my entire meal. Unless I was at a drive-thru…

3510 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Silver Lake
(323) 725-7800
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House Made Horchata – $7.00

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Double Decker Potato Tacos – $12.50

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Poached Omelette Sandwich, caramelized onions, American cheese, jambon de paris, truffle salt – $14.50