Terrine could serve the most vile food ever and the waiters could strike me directly in the face and force me to tip 50% as my reward…and I would still come back for that damned beautiful outdoor courtyard.

They’ve really lucked out having taken over the old Pane e Vino space, which briefly became the now forgotten Sirena restaurant, and I knew I had to check them out the next time I was in LA.

Everyone’s favorite multi-hyphenate ginger (was Phillip Seymore Hoffman a red head?) Jesse Tyler Ferguson is attached to Terrine which, if I’m being honest, drew me to come here if only to witness the funnyman sipping a martini at the bar.

Well, sadly, JTF was not there. Maybe that’s a good thing, considering the last time I was in this location (during the Sirena days) I had sort of locked myself in the bathroom. Who constructs doors that move sideways?? I panicked that this was going to happen again, so I decided that holding my urine for the entire dinner would be a good character builder.

Now, take a gander at the amount of food we ordered. This was for a hearty group of 6 folks, right?


Two people ordered all this food. Amazing how gluttonous one becomes when one is not paying for one’s dinner.

Tonight’s meal was very meat-centric. There is a ton of meat on the menu, in general. And the portion sizes are quite substantial, so you’ll be taking home leftovers. Hopefully. If not, I worry for your colon.

The Cote de Porc was incredible (could easily feed 3 people) and the Truffle Agnolotti and Broccoli Gratin were out of this world!

Ordering the Half Roasted Duck was unnecessary. It was tasty, yet a mountain of food.

The Charcuterie was impressive, definitely a great starter. Yet, it was almost too filling for an appetizer. That and some cocktails would have been enough.

I guess if the worst thing about a restaurant is their portion sizes are too big, I would say Terrine is in good shape.

Two words that would not describe you, if you consumed our Terrine feast regularly.

8265 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Beverly Grove
(323) 746-5130






Winter Daiquiri - $13

Winter Daiquiri – $13

Assiette de Charcuteries - $32

Assiette de Charcuteries – $32

Broccoli Gratin - $9

Broccoli Gratin – $9

Truffle Agnolotti - $24

Truffle Agnolotti – $24

Cote de Porc - $42.00

Cote de Porc – $42.00

Half Roasted Duck - BEFORE - $39

Half Roasted Duck – BEFORE – $39

Half Roasted Duck - AFTER - $39

Half Roasted Duck – AFTER – $39

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding