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Gem lettuce, calabrian chili dressing, parmesan, bread crumbs $13.50

It’s challenging to live in NYC for 2 years and not turn into an a**hole about Italian food, especially pizza.

So, when I came to LA for a visit and decided to check out the crazy popular Jon and Vinny’s, I had to reign in my expectations. I had to dial down the a**hole, just a smidgen.

I came here with Clyde and we were both determined to consume as much food as humanly possible. Basically, a typical Wednesday night.

Our meal proved that some city stereotypes are true.

First, the worst dish of the night was the pizza. Second, the best dish of the night was the salad! You’re making this too easy, LA.

NYC doesn’t pretend to do their veggies much justice. On the one hand, our most praised restaurant right now is a veggie burger joint. That’s how NYC does veggies. Disguised. Pureed and cooked to death.

LA has incredible produce, so dishes featuring fresh veggies and herbs will stand out. Jon and Vinny’s take on the Caesar salad was just mind-blowing. Perfect leaves of gem lettuce slathered in this spicy Caesar dressing, covered in parmesan and bread crumbs. Simple and perfect. I would come back just for this dumb salad. And maybe also see a few friends. But, mostly the salad.

The Meatballs were also pretty fantastic. The garlic bread and ricotta that came with it helped amp it up a bit.

The pasta was good. Maybe we should have ordered something else. Or maybe we should have ordered less food and not be such fat f*cks. I won’t discount the pasta, considering we were mighty full at this point.

What do two gluttonous friends do when they’re stuffed to the gills with food?

Order a pizza!

This was a mistake. Not because it was too much food (I can feel your judgmental stares) but because the pizza was not good.

It came out hard a rock. I mean, it was really hard to chew threw. I love a crispy pizza. I prefer them over your soggy Neopolitan pizza. This tasted like it had sat in the oven for an hour. I’ve had charred pizza that was still light and airy. This was charred and dense. No bueno.

But don’t let that stop you from coming here!

Come for the salad and meatballs (and make a reservation, ya dummy) and you’ll be all set! We arrived sans reservation (on a Wednesday night) and were basically informed that the seating for the entire night was already booked and if we managed to snag a seat, it would be a miracle. How abusive!

Well, an hour later of sitting by the entrance and making fun of every poor soul that entered the restaurant with an actual reservation, a miracle occured!

412 N Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 334-3369

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Gem lettuce, calabrian chili dressing, parmesan, bread crumbs $13.50

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