Lamb and Green Onion Pie (and some spilled food on the table, Chesty Morgan's pet peeve)

Lamb and Green Onion Pie (and some spilled food on the table, Chesty Morgan’s pet peeve)

As a meat pie lover, I knew I had to check out Beijing Pie House before leaving LA.

My review: Meh….

BPH reminded me a bit of Dean Sin World, another Chinese bakery and pastry shop nearby. Many of the dishes tasted stale and the entire place needed a good hose down.

Don’t get me wrong, the Lamb and Green Onion pie was pretty good, actually. But it was like a big dumpling in super thick casing. It kind of sat there, like a lead anvil in my stomach. Traditional dumplings in wonton wrappers are much more satisfying and less intense of a dining experience.

I would have liked a BBQ pork options instead of the steamed, bland meats or some better variety of pies so I really can’t recommend this place over any of the great dumpling spots out there.

Best to just move on and avoid any bathroom issues later on.

I’m assuming Chesty Morgan will leave a comment below stating her dislike for this place. Check below to see if she takes the bait!

846 E Garvey Ave
Monterey Park, CA 91755
(626) 288-3818


Some food tastes better when you don't have to smell it.

Some food tastes better when you don’t have to smell it.





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