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The last time I went to Cook’s County, I gave it a solid B-. Three Buns, if you will.

The current situation is basically the same. Some items are great, some are just ok.

The best things tonight were the Kale salad and the César Chávez pie (they’ve always done amazing desserts).

The Avocado toast was just ok. I know this appetizer is all the trend now, but there’s an art to this dish.

You don’t just lay a few slices of avocado one some bland toast.

The toast must be delicious and amazing. Toast the sh*t out of it, I want it to appear to have been deep fried in a gallon of butter.

The avocado should be almost guacamole consistency. Add a little salt and flavor there. Drizzle it with olive oil. Do SOMETHING, for crying out loud!

Lemon cream, sadly, doesn’t count. It was a boring dish that was only satisfying because I like avocados and bread.

The Kale salad was excellent! Loved the tiny baby kale leaves that didn’t require hours of chewing like a cow chewing cud. Loved the crispy faro and squash. Huge portion, too!

The Lamb Ribs were truly disappointing. Difficult to eat and very gamey. I love lamb and I don’t think I’ve ever tried it gamey until tonight. Thanks CC.

Chesty Morgan’s fried chicken looked really excellent. She doesn’t do well with the adjectives, but I’m assuming her eating every bite was a good indication.

The mashed potatoes were SO good. Cole slaw and biscuit just so so.

The dessert was the star of the show. Like an apple turnover on crack. But since that’s a stupid expression, let’s just say the poor thing is on a sugar high. The dough was super flight and flakey, each bite covered in sugar. Filled with apples, raisins and a touch of awesome.

There were a half dozen servers milling about but somehow it seemed difficult to get someone’s attention when I actually wanted it. They were all super friendly. But flakey.

Just like that amazing dessert.

8009 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 653-8009
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