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El Flamin’ is a taco truck with four locations around LA (be warned, they don’t open until 7 pm) and they have some pretty darn good tacos and mulitas.

I’m obsessed with mulitas right now (like a quesadilla except smaller and made with corn tortillas instead of flour) and not every taco truck has them, sadly. But they should. They should all have them.

The carne asada (chunks of steak) was not the most tender I’ve ever had but the Al Pastor (pork on a spit with pineapple) more than made up for it. Super tasty. Loved the selection of salsas too.

It was also fun to watch the dubbed over “Gone in 60 Seconds” while we consumed our food almost just as quickly.

505 S Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90020
Koreatown, Wilshire Center
(213) 718-1790
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Buckets of Salsas!

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Pastor Mulita (like a quesadilla with corn tortillas)

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Inside the Mulita

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Tacos! – Lengua, Cabeza, Asada, Pastor (not in that order)

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Veggie Burrito – NOT recommended.