I’ve tried most of the ramen in LA, so you’d think I’d have become a ramen snob at this point.

This is not the case.

Atch-Kotch doesn’t get very good reviews on Yelp but it’s been my neighborhood ramen spot for over 10 years. Well, it’s one of Hollywood’s ONLY ramen spots.

During one of my fine few weeks of living in LA, after not having been to AK in years, I wanted to pay one last visit to one of my old haunts.

I know some of the Yelp reviews mention the spotty service but mine was not only super friendly but super fast. I was in and out in record time!

The menu has been updated since I was there all those years ago. They’ve definitely stepped up their ramen game.

They do their own version of Tonkotsu finally and it is really fantastic. The #2 South Sea style ramen is a spicy miso broth that has just the right amount of porky goodness while not disguising the miso. I drank every drop of the amazing, not-too-spicy broth.

The noodles are thick and curly and perfectly cooked. And you get a ton of them.

The chasyu pork is awesome, not too fatty but still melts in your mouth.

I love Atch-Kotch because there’s never anyone eating there. For many, this would be a red flag. But for me, it’s a welcome respite from the hoards of hungry Angelenos out in the real world, crowding for a table at all the trendy new hotspots.

I’m perfectly happy slurping my ramen in peace and quite in my favorite, outdated little strip mall ramen spot with 80’s décor (they’ve finally gotten rid of the Nagel paintings) with only a crappy little radio in the corner playing Richard Marx to keep me company.

“Hold onto the night…” Richard, you said a mouthful.

1253 Vine St
Ste 5
Hollywood, CA 90038
(323) 467-5537

Strip mall on Fountain and Vine

Strip mall on Fountain and Vine

Not a customer was stirring, (and hopefully) not even a mouse.

Not a customer was stirring, (and hopefully) not even a mouse.

South Sea Ramen

South Sea Ramen