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Jaragua is a Salvadoran restaurant in East Hollywood that specializes in Pupusas but has the best Pan con Pavo (Hot Turkey Sandwich).

Of course, I’ve only ever had one before…but this one was better!

My bean and cheese Pupusa was excellent but I would have liked more zing from the curtido (Salvadoran cole slaw).

After trying tamales at several Salvadoran joints, I’ve decided I don’t like them. The texture is too pureed for liking and I consider them very bland.

The Carne Asada steak was a bit tough but nicely seasoned. I loved the side of refried black beans that came with it. Yum!

But the Pan con Pavo was the star of the show. Tons of juicy, shredded turkey in a nice, thin gravy inside of a soft roll (which was also covered in gravy) it’s the best kind of open face turkey sandwich you can hope to find.

The place is pretty large and if you want the place to yourself, come at 5 pm like we did. But who eats dinner that early unless you’re retired and I’m sort of positive that’s not my demographic.

4493 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90004
(323) 661-1985
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Carne Asada Plate

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Refried Black Beans

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Curtido – Salvadoran Cabbage Salad (Iike a vinegar cole slaw)

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Bean and Cheese Pupusa

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Chicken Tamale

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Pan con Pavo is a beautiful thing.

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Take a closer look! Eat me!!