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Ahi and Yellowtail sashimi

Little Tokyo’s Restaurant Komasa is business in the front but instead of party in the back, there’s just more business back there.

It’s basically sushi and sashimi. No sauces, no rolls (except a few hand rolls and the obligatory spicy tuna roll), nothing wrapped in cucumber, topped with crispy onions and drizzled with eel sauce. Sigh.

I think most of you know my stance on this kind of sushi. I consider it diet food. Come here when you just want to shove raw fish in your mouth and go to bed without any guilt (and with just a twinge of remaining hunger). Not very fun in my opinion but some people swear by it.

The good news is that if you’re going to shove raw fish in your mouth sans any condiment to cover it up, Komasa is the place to do it at. The fish is so fresh, it almost looks like it’s trying to wiggle away from you. Or are those just acid flashbacks?

Either way, for this kind of sushi, Komasa is where to go. Plus, while they are always busy, the lines aren’t as crazy as nearby Sushi Gen. It’s a small joint, and kind of quiet, so don’t go here after a day of drinking. Oops….

351 E 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 680-1792

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A day spent downtown isn’t complete until you’ve grabbed sushi or ramen in Little Tokyo