Lamb Dip with Jack Cheese

Lamb Dip with Jack Cheese

iPHONE REVIEW ALERT! (All photos taken with my iPhone 5)

Both Philippe’s and Cole’s restaurants both brag about being the first ones to invent the French Dipped Sandwich.

They both opened up in 1908, over 100 years ago and they still haven’t let the rivalry go.

Philippe’s spacious, order at the counter, find a place to squat is a much more casual setting than Cole’s vintage speakeasy vibe. Dark and sexy. After finishing your sandwich at Cole’s you head into Varnish, the actual original speakeasy and drink yourself silly.

Cole’s is where you’d imagine a soup kitchen once stood. Bring you cash folks, cuz there ain’t no credit cards accepted up in this joint. The prices are pretty reasonable. Drinks and sides (such as the potato salad) are crazy cheap. Sandwiches range from $6-8.50.

We ordered both the Lamb Dip and the Beef Dip and I think we both preferred the beef. The lamb was sliced a bit too thick for my taste but it was still very nice.

What annoys me about Philippe’s is that they pre dip the bread for you. This means two things. They’ll never dip it enough for your liking and your sandwich will cool down very quickly.

You can ask for your sandwich to be “Double Dipped” but either our gal (who was getting on in years) forgot or double dip ain’t enough.

Both the mac and the potato salad are excellent, in fact I’m craving seconds right now! Philippe’s also makes this incredible hot hot mustard. It’s craaaaaazy hot. Be warned.

My vote for best French dip would certainly be Cole’s but I still have a special place in my fat heart for this historic LA landmark.

1001 N Alameda St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 628-3781



Beef Dip and Macaroni Salad

Beef Dip and Macaroni Salad

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