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What I love most about Night + Market’s approach is the fact that they’re shoving large chunks of Thai chilies and raw ginger down your throat and you’re loving every spicy, tear-inducing moment.

The food is really REALLY SPICY, be warned. However, it’s the reason to go so if you don’t like spicy, just don’t come here. In fact, click away from this page!

Night + Market is the cooler, younger brother of the old school Talesai Thai restaurant that’s been sitting on Sunset Blvd for ages. You enter Talesai, the folks there get excited and then you tell them you’re headed to the better version, thanks anyway.

The prices are reasonable, the portions are smaller but still ample and the flavors will kick your a**.

Two of our favorite dishes were featured on the specials menu, you must order them. No arguments. The Party Wings are some of the best chicken wings I’ve ever had. Spicy and sweet, covered in your typical Thai chili dipping sauce, these tasty delights will coat your fingers and warm your heart.

The Nam Kao Tod is a crispy rice salad with spicy sour pork, Thai chilies, fresh ginger and peanuts. It’s AWESOME! And will make you cry. The waitress will come by and ask you if everything’s all right. (This happened).

The Drunken Noodles with short ribs were solid but definitely not the best I’ve had and the Ice Cream sandwich is a MUST ORDER for dessert. Only $4.50, you’re going to want one for each person. Trust me on this, it’s tiny and delicious.

9041 W Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 275-9724
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Nam Kao Tod – Crispy Rice salad with spicy sour pork, Thai chilies, fresh ginger, onions, peanuts

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Moo Sadoong “Startled Pig” – Grilled pork, basil, lemongrass, fish sauce, lime, bird eye chile

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Drunken Noodles with short ribs

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Ice Cream Sandwich