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Salmon Benedict on Potato Pancakes

Square One Dining is all about locally sourced ingredients and hormone free meats. Which is why everything is a few bucks more than you’d find elsewhere. You ain’t getting served crap, folks. There’s a reason McDonald’s has a .99 cent menu.

Square One is also right across the street from an ominous Scientology center, which is an unnerving structure to walk by. You may be tempted to snap a photo, but the fear of suddenly being hit by a stray bullet or at the very least, your phone confiscated, may overcome you.

Once you make it past all that jazz, you’ll find a cute, friendly little café with some delicious breakfast options.

They seem to specialize in Eggs Benedicts; they offer several varieties. But I really enjoyed the Baked Eggs with Braised Greens.

Two eggs lovingly perched atop sautéed mushrooms and collard greens resting comfortably on top of a layer of yummy grits. In a griddle. Everything looks and tastes better in a griddle.

Since I craved further carbohydrate intake, I ordered the highly recommended Bacon Gruyere Scone, which is nice for dipping into the egg yoke. Or into your open mouth. Close your mouth, you animal.

After your delightful meal, you’ll make your way to your car and feel the sense of being watched. That’s just the street lamp looking security camera that’s monitoring your every move. Just keep your phone in your pocket and I’m certain you’ll make it out alive.

4854 Fountain Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 661-1109
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Egg cartons on the ceiling.

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Intelligentsia Coffee

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Bacon Gruyere Scone

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Salmon Benedict on Potato Pancakes

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Baked Eggs – braised mustard and collard greens with mushrooms and gruyere on grits