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I have avoided Sapp Coffee Shop for years because I was frightened of Boat Noodles.

This benign sounding dish is made with pig’s blood and I just wasn’t having it. I had had a similar Filipino soup called Dinuguan and did not like it one bit.

I had accidentally ordered boat noodles a few years back and enjoyed it…until I found out what they were.

I don’t consider myself an adventurous eater. I like creative uses of food (for example, stuffing Mac and Cheese inside absolutely anything is fine with me) and I like interesting combinations (I’ve had wood flavored ice cream and enjoyed it) but I don’t eat entrails. Sorry, I’m boring.

But when Sonigram came to town, I knew he’d go with me and that I would trick him into ordering it. “It’s the most popular dish here, you’ll love it!” I pleaded.

I think I held out 2 minutes in the car ride over there before I spilled the truth. Thankfully, he was still game. For the gamey soup.

Well, I served myself a small portion and found myself loving it more with each bite. Wow, it didn’t taste like cutting my lip at all! It tasted like a super rich beef broth.

It was actually really tasty!

Now, I’ve read that some places serve a sub par Boat Noodles and you can taste the metallic, sour (read: blood) residue a bit too much. Oy.

I actually found myself enjoying the Jade Noodles even more! Those fun, green colored noodles topped with bbq pork, crab and duck are super tasty. You can get them dry or in soup form.

The Thai Iced Teas were probably the best I’ve ever had. They were more like Thai Slushies. Anything that keeps my body temperature down is much appreciated.

Like many places in Thai Town, it’s small, unassuming, very crowded and cash only, so come prepared. And then overcome any of your blood fears and order those Boat Noodles, for God’s sake!

5183 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 665-1035
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Jade Noodles with BBQ Pork, Duck and Crab

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Boat Noodles with Beef, Tripe, Liver and Meatballs