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Matzo Ball Soup

One of my very first Thanksgiving dinners in LA was procured from my local Jewish deli, Greenblatts. My parents were visiting from Washington and none of us felt like eating at an actual restaurant so we munched on our festive takeout in my apartment.

I’ve only sat at one of the few booths available, sandwiched between the wine shop and the deli case, but apparently there is also a larger upstairs dining area. But since I’ve never been up there, I can’t say for sure what mysteries await upstairs.

Chesty Morgan says they have an incredible Matzo Ball soup and also raved about her Pastrami sandwich. She ordered the 1/2 Sandwich/Soup combo and instead of giving her one half, they cut a mini sandwich in half.

Just in case you lay awake at night, worried that your pastrami sandwich will contain too much meat. “I can’t fit that in my mouth!” you protest, “There’s too much meat!”

My Turkey Breast dinner was tasty, but not as good as I remember it being, all those years ago. I guess 14 years in Los Angeles can change a man’s palate. Only a mans. Sorry, ladies.

C.B. said Greenblatts has the best Cobb Salad in LA but he also asked them to omit the blue cheese, so what the hell does he know??

K.B.’s turkey sandwich looked dry as a bone but he insisted it was not. Or maybe he didn’t. I don’t often listen when he speaks.

Greenblatts wine selection is pretty spectacular. Two steps from the $6.99 wine are the over the top Cristal and Krug champagne bottles that aren’t even behind glass cases!

I don’t often visit Greenblatts but it does make me happy to know it exists and that I can walk to it. If I actually walked anywhere.

OH! They have the best carrot cake I’ve EVER HAD!! Ok, now you can go.

8017 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90046
(323) 656-0606
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Enter through the backdoor like the VIP that you are.

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They have a great wine and champagne selection, including Cristal, Krug and Dom. Perfect for Tuesday movie night. If you’re Paris Hilton.

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Plenty of goodies in the deli case.

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1/2 Order Pastrami

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Turkey Breast Dinner with Stuffing and Mashed Potatoes

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Carrot Cake (one of the best I’ve ever had)

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The perfect bite (except it should be bigger and closer to my mouth)