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Pastrami Sandwich

“Billingsley’s is still open?” you ask?

Judging from it’s shoddy outward appearance, it has been closed for decades! Perhaps it’s already halfway demolished, if its crumbling parking lot is any indication?

Billingsley is a “Steakhouse” and has been sitting near Pico and Sawtelle since the 1940’s, before all the Japanese restaurants moved in. Much to the possible chagrin of many of it’s elderly patrons, still reeling from fresh WW 2 memories?

We were, BY FAR, the youngest guests for lunch today, except for, perhaps, the goldfish that were desperately attempting to swim through the murky waters in the fish tank behind us.

Our waitress was a friendly, feisty gal in her early 100’s who could not stop touching my shoulder. I loved her!

This place is, in a word, awesome.

And shockingly still open for business (for now) so patronize LA’s dying diners and steakhouses from the past, before they become musky memories.

Here’s what I was not expecting: the food was so good! I mean, much better than anticipated!

We all ordered sandwiches of some sort, and not only were they super flavorful but the meats were high quality and the breads were equally impressive.

They have a section of Sourdough Melts, which are a must order. They are grilled in probably 14 inches of butter and are just decadent enough to throw off even the most persistent dieter.

The only veggie you should even consider ordering should be stark white and mashed within an inch of it’s life.

Prices are about that of your typical Jewish deli, sandwiches are about $11-13, but they’re nice and big and satisfying and worth it. I took half of mine home and ate it for dinner.

Because I’m such a petite eater.

11326 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 477-1426
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I’m assuming this sign is at least a few months* old. *decades

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The Parking Lot. Looks like whatever is being built is trying to push out poor Billingsley’s.

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Aquariums in restaurants are, sadly, a thing of the past.

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Roast Beef Sourdough Melt

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