Kang Hodong Baekjeong (KHB) is, like, crazy stupid popular (CSP).

It’s one of the highest rated Korean BBQ joints in LA’s Koreatown, as the constant mob outside can attest.

Even at 5:30 pm there was still an hour wait for a table.

KHB is located in an enclosed sort of strip mall situation so we were able to grab a few drinks and meaty appetizers at Toebang before hand.

Once we finally made it inside, we were offered large plastic bags to keep our jackets in so they wouldn’t become infiltrated with smoke. Very thoughtful.

The scene is la bit chaotic, loud and bustling. Not good for a date but better with a group of friends.

The sides (banchan) were not as ample as Genwa but we did enjoy the squash and kimchee and you are given a large bowl of lettuce to wrap your meat in. Very Atkins. No rice paper or daikon slices, sadly.

We chose the Beef Sampler ($80) which says it feeds 3-4 folks. This was the perfect amount of food since we had snacked a bit at Toebang but if you’re super starving, I would suggest maybe ordering one more a la carte of pork or beef.

The sampler included thinly sliced brisket, marinated short ribs and boneless beef rib.

The brisket was our favorite. Super thin and tasted even better once it got a nice char on it.

The marinated short ribs were our second favorite. We didn’t love the Kkot Sal (beef ribs) they weren’t as tender as I’ve had at Park’s BBQ.

At KHB, the servers do all your cooking for you. Don’t bother trying to do it yourself, unless you’re grabbing a piece to eat directly.

If they catch you, they will grab your hand and place it directly on the grill. All while suppressing a slight, morbid giggle. Your dining companions are more than welcome to share in the subsequent hand meat, however.

Sorry, Hannibal Lector just kidnapped my blog for a moment. I’m back now.

3465 W 6th St
Ste 20
Los Angeles, CA 90020
(213) 384-9678

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The shortest wait for this place will be an hour. Most times it will be longer.

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