The LA Times’ Jonathan Gold named Emperor Noodle as one of his top 6 favorite dumplings in the San Gabriel Valley and I can see why. They were pretty awesome.

This place only gets average reviews on Yelp, but they sure know their way around a Xiao Long Bao (soup dumpling) and their Pork Buns were also excellent.

We also ordered their duck noodle soup (which was nice, comparable to ramen) but I didn’t really care for their egg rolls.

This was only our first of three dumpling restaurants to be visited today (yes, three in one day) so we didn’t want to get too full before the next place.

I’m not sure if this place is very popular because they weren’t very crowded when we visited on a Saturday a little before noon.

As far as dumplings go, this place is quite note worthy.

Captain was very excited our table had a lazy susan on it, so keep that in mind if that kind of thing appeals to you. Which it should. If you’re human.

800 W Las Tunas Dr
San Gabriel, CA 91775
(626) 281-2777




Shen Jian Bao - Pan Fried Pork Bun

Shen Jian Bao – Pan Fried Pork Bun

Vegetable Egg Roll

Vegetable Egg Roll

Xiao Long Bao - Pork Soup Dumpling

Xiao Long Bao – Pork Soup Dumpling

Duck Noodle Soup

Duck Noodle Soup