Oinster Pastrami

Oinster Pastrami

I would consider myself a pretty devoted foodie.

I organize various food crawls with my friends in order to try as many different variations of the same thing in the shortest amount of time.

6 pizza joints in one day?? Hell yeah!

Road trip to the San Gabriel Valley for Chinese or to South Central for fried chicken, I will schlep and trek and journey for a tasty ass meal(s).

Which is exactly what happened tonight.

I saw on Facebook someone describing an absolutely insane sounding sandwich. Something I would make at home when no one was watching.

It was the end of a workday. I was tired, I just wanted to go home.

But I had to have that effing sandwich so much, I drove 45 minutes away in rush hour traffic to Eagle Rock to get it.

And get it, I did.

It was everything I had hoped for. So delicious. The meatloaf had actual flavor and was spicy as promised. Trust me, meatloaf sandwiches are often bland hunks of miscellaneous meat and the only flavor comes from the ketchup.

Sad news, it was only the special for the month and they no longer serve it.

I also bought (cuz I’m a lil piggie) their famous Pastrami sandwich.

While it was also tasty and the meat was really high quality, I was primarily focused on the meatloaf.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be the same…

2005 Colorado Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90041
(323) 255-6465

Oinkster Pastrami

Oinkster Pastrami

Spicy Meatloaf / Mashed Potatoes / Potato Chip Sandwich

Spicy Meatloaf / Mashed Potatoes / Potato Chip Sandwich