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Chicken liver toast with shallot jam

Animal is just wonderful.

The End.


I first visited Animal when they first opened years ago and I recall it being my first time trying Pig’s Ear.

And it was on a stranger’s plate.

But we were seated at the bar and all enjoying lots of wine, so we took the shared plates concept a bit further.

The theme here is tail to snout, to consume all of the animal. Not just the pretty little boobies and thighs.

Rather brains, tongues, livers and thymus glands (Buy Diazepam Next Day Delivery).

The only one I haven’t tried are the brains, and I must admit, the desire is not too strong.

Animal is an incredible restaurant experience everyone must try once in their life. And then they should try it again. And maybe once more after that (and maybe once more in secret).

Everything we ordered was delicious and decadent and unique.

A must order are the chicken liver toasts. Not only are they pretty but the flavors explode in your mouth. They’re $3 each, so make sure everyone gets at least one. Or seven.

The Ricotta Gnocchi topped with the rich and oozy six-hour bolognese was almost over the top (almost) so it’s great for sharing. So tasty!

The Oxtail Poutine is something you’ll see everyone order (along with the Pork Belly Sliders) and it’s another rich dish. Loved that the fries stayed crispy the entire time.

The sweetbreads were breaded and deep fried and were tiny but flavorful little guys in a sea of greens and pickled grapes and curry mayo. Loved the combo of really bold flavors.

We finished with the Balsamic Ribs which was a large portion of very tender, fall off the bone pork meat and the glaze was nice and tart. The accompanying squash balanced out the flavors with a creamy sweetness.

For dessert we tried the most popular Bacon Chocolate Crunch Bar with Salt and Pepper Ice Cream.

As odd as it may sound, everything worked. The bacon was bold but complimented the chocolate perfectly.

The salt and pepper flavors were really subtle, it tasted like a party in your mouth. The kind of party where you cram all sorts of junk food from all walks of life in there and just go nuts.

435 N Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 782-9225
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Chicken liver toast with shallot jam

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Sweetbread, curry mayo, smoked almond, pickled grape

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Ricotta Gnocchi, six-hour bolognese

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Marrow bone, chimichurri, caramelized onoins

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Stripping the bone clean

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Poutine, oxtail gravy, cheddar

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Balsamic pork rib, grilled heirloom squash, yuzu, green chili

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Bacon chocolate crunch bar, salt and pepper ice cream