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Berkshire Pork Banh Mi

Phorage is a new, casual Vietnamese place located in a strip mall in the Palms area of West LA.

It’s easy to miss if you were driving by.

I would say it’s a solid attempt if you live in the area, but nothing blew me away to the point of making this place “road trip worthy”.

The Oxtail Pho was the highlight for me, it was rich, flavorful and satisfying. The meat was a bit scary looking but I was perfectly fine not eating it.

The Berkshire Pork Banh Mi was ok but the meat was a bit too fatty and the baguette was a bit too thick, not as light and airy as I prefer.

The Chicken Bun bowl was also decent, I liked the noodles but I think this dish works better with beef. So, that’s really my bad. I shouldn’t blame the restaurant.

But I will anyway.

3300 Overland Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 876-0910
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Chicken Bun Noodle Bowl