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Kat Man Doo – Steamed Dumplings

One of my last meals in LA was also one of the most fun! Funnest! Most funnest!

With two of my favorite folks in tow, we headed to Roy Choi’s brand new Pot restaurant inside his swanky Line hotel in Koreatown. FYI, he’s taking over the world in case you hadn’t noticed.

We grabbed a few drinks in the lobby while we waited for our table. The drinks were good but I’m writing this several weeks after the fact so I can’t tell you one single detail about them. Oh! One of our party did not care for the mushroom one. There, everything you need to know.

When we entered the dining room, it felt like a big family party. Very fun, festive, bustling and full of hungry energy.

The three of us probably ordered way too much food. But since when did eating too much kill anyone? I’m not talking about a hot dog eating contest, mind you. Or heart disease 20 years down the road.

Ok, things just took a turn…

Before I go on about the food, let me preface by saying the flavors of kimchi permeate most the dishes here. So…you have to like kimchi…

Pot’s specialty are the Hot Pots, about a dozen different types of boiling hot soup like stews with various meats, noodles and veggies.

We ordered the Old School and the Dang, Son hot pots. The Old School tasted like a really delicious (kimchi) ramen soup and Tenille found the Dang, Son a bit on the fishy side.

The Noodle of the Day was a chilled somen with shredded beef, boiled egg and raw/pickled veggies. Very good, we all loved this.

Another standout were the Kat Man Doo steamed dumplings. Very tasty, a must order.

Our final dish was also our favorite, the Kimchi Fried Rice. It tasted like a kimchi wonderland, a kimchi explosion, a kimchi orgasm.

The “small” portion comes out on an enormous, steaming hot plate and it never cools down. Word of caution to all the innocent tongues out there. You’re gonna get burned, son.

Pot is a fun place to come and pig out, so don’t come here on a first date or if sweating profusely in front of your dining guests does not appeal to you.

You’re gonna get messy but you’ll be supplied with a kitchy apron which will ignite a hundred selfies you can post so the world can witness and be totes jelly (totally jealous).

The Line Hotel
3515 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010
(213) 368-3030
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Pickled Sea Beans

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Complimentary Kimchi Veggies

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Pickled Kimchi Radish

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Kat Man Doo – Steamed Dumplings

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Kimchi Fried Rice

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Noodle of the Day

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Noodle of the Day

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Dang, Son Hot Pot – spicy rice cakes, fish cakes, onions, chewy noodles, hard boiled eggs, scallion, anchovy broth

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Old School Hot Pot – marinated prime-rib bulgogi, noodles, kimchi, scallion, sesame

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The Bakery, located in the lobby serves all sorts of unique goodies.

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Hello Kitty Cake