After Eric Greenspan’s (of the Foundry fame) beloved “Champ” grilled cheese was declared the #3 comfort food in America by the Food Network, it had nowhere else to go.

Except get its own restaurant.

Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese is a sleek and casual spot on Melrose to get your grilled cheese on. They have a few salads and sides but who has time for all that when there’s all those different grilled cheeses to try! And it’s only $1 buck for a big shot of tomato soup for dipping.

You also need to get one of their homemade sodas. They make them in front of you like a cocktail, really tasty and fun. Did I mention how tasty they were? And how fun? Good.

The flagship “Champ” sandwich was quite delicious combining short ribs, apricot puree, raisin walnut bread and taleggio cheese. I loved how nicely toasted the bread was, it never got soggy.

The Classic was also very well done. Just what you’d expect with American cheese and white bread. Completely devoid of nutrition but 100% full of flavor.

Our favorite, however, was the Cuban Rueben. Combining pulled pork, pickles, pumpernickel, gruyere and sauerkraut, this awesome sandwich was a buttery flavor explosion. Seriously, order this one if you only feel like eating one.

But that would be boring.

7461 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 591-0177


So excited for her grilled cheese, she's about to burst!

So excited for her grilled cheese, she’s about to burst!