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Jalapeno Cornbread

Spoonful is a Southern restaurant located on that stretch of Cahuenga (past the Hollywood Bowl) that goes along the 101 Freeway. So, it ain’t gonna get much foot traffic and it probably ain’t gonna be there long.

Well, this started out as quite the negative review, hasn’t it?

Here’s where all this negativity is streaming from: Spoonful disappointed us in so many ways.

First, let’s start with the positive. The place is cute, spacious, and super casual. LA doesn’t have many “show up as you are” kind of places (that aren’t chain restaurants), so I appreciate the vibe. Both semi upscale and semi casual, all at the same time.

Our server was quick and really friendly.

The Jalapeno cornbread was really great. Which is why it wins the award for “Pictured at Top”.

The Banana pudding dessert, served in a martini glass, was delicious and nicely presented. Sadly, this was our favorite dish.

I enjoyed the fried chicken, I liked the crust and the meat but it could have done with more seasoning.

Now, onto the negative:

The Deviled Eggs were onion heavy. They overpowered and almost pissed me off.

The BBQ sauce on the Baby Back Ribs was bitter, it was just bad and it ruined the perfectly cooked meat. Damn, those ribs could have been so good if it weren’t for that sauce!

This actually did piss me off.

The Mac and Cheese had a sour element I did not like. What is that? I can tell they use real cheddar and perhaps it was too sharp (or old) for it’s own good? I’ve tasted sour in Mac and Cheese’s before and it’s not a good look for you, Mr. M&C. Why don’t you go change into something more mild.

Things have taken a turn for the worst, now I’m talking to cheese.

Chesty Morgan thought the collard greens were too salty and bitter and I thought my beans had some of that bad BBQ sauce in them, otherwise I know I would have liked them.

All right folks, dem dere’s my review and it ain’t a pleasant one. Sorry to disappoint ya’ll.

Writing this dumb blog post has got me talking to cheese and in a Southern accent, so I reckon it’s time to push off.

3413 Cahuenga Blvd W
Los Angeles, CA 90068
(323) 512-4800
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