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Up close and far too personal

EMC Seafood has only been opened about four months and already it has over 300 mostly positive reviews on Yelp. That’s saying something.

Now, when it comes to seafood, there’s a lot that Bun Boy can’t eat (“If it resides in a shell, it can go to hell” is my seafood motto) but I love raw fish, so I’m not completely left out.

EMC has a $1 Oyster happy hour that had everyone at the table excited. And they weren’t crappy, sickly fellas, either. Everyone quite enjoyed them.

Most of us started with the manly sounding “Hello Kitty Sangria”. Fruity and unique (like pink lemonade) but low on alcohol if that’s a concern for you. When has anyone gotten drunk off sangria, right? Well, maybe you, stick-thin lady.

I didn’t share many folk’s dishes, but I loved both the Fish Tacos and the Albacore Sashimi, both winners. Especially once I requested an extra side of tarter and hot sauce.

I heard nothing but positive comments on all the other dishes sampled, but it seems like the Soft Shell Crab Sliders were the least favorite and the Lobster Roll and Blue Crab Lettuce Wraps were the favs, after the oysters.

We were pleasantly coerced into the Brioche Bread Pudding and we were not disappointed. It was very delicious.

We got there at 4 pm and stayed til 6 and the place was already packed by then and a large, angry mob had formed behind us, anxious for our table. So, take note of that situation.

EMC is a fun, inexpensive and tasty foray into all sorts of seafood fare, Asian and American themed alike. Well worth checking out. Especially if you don’t have the shellfish thing, like I do.

3500 W 6th St
Ste 101
Los Angeles, CA 90020
(213) 351-9988
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