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Coloradito Mole Rojo

Oaxacan Food = Mole

Bun Boy = Mole

I freaking love Mole. It’s one of life’s greatest culinary joys.

I could literally drink the stuff as an apertif. I bet it would make a fantastic moisturizer or car lubricant.

The problem here is, I ordered wrong. I will not blame Monte here, it’s all me.

Why on earth did I order the dry ass Oaxacan pizza and not something containing the aformentioned nector of the gods??

My bad, I mean mi mala.

Whatever you do, do NOT order the pizza!

Instead of traditional pizza crust, out comes an enormous COMMUNION WAFER baked tortilla and after one bite, your mouth will be begging for…


Which is why I promptly ordered a side of the stuff and dumped it all over.

Ahhh….that’s better.

The pizza comes spread with a thin layer of refried beans that are also so dry, I can only assume the tortilla has sucked it dry of any moisture.

But the whole thing sure looks perty!

My friend’s chicken mole negro was delicious. Order that. Or anything with mole.

Are you listening to me??

Good, we’re done here.


Ok, I’ve just come back for my second visit. This time I ordered the Chicken Mole Tamale (incredible) and the Cecina Tostada. Cecina is chili marinated, flattened pork (a bit like softer jerky).

I brought my same friend (the Bread Guy) and this time he ordered the red mole.

As I said before as long as you order something in the mole familia and not that damned pizza, you’ll be fine.

The End (for real this time)
11929 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 444-7736
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Don’t let the dingy storefront fool you, there’s good eats inside!

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A buffet is available at lunch.

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Welcome to the museum of the world’s most uncomfortable chairs.

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Molote – Deep fried Tortilla stuffed with Chorizo and Potatoes

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Mole Negro (with Chicken)

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Clayuda – Mexican Pizza

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A side of Black Mole sauce.