Meatball and Mushroom Pizza

Meatball and Mushroom Pizza

The Rainbow Room (some call in “the bow”) is a place to drink. Maybe eat something later.

It’s where the rock stars used to party hard and now many of those same folks, albeit mostly the not-so-famous ones (that drummer that quit the band before they hit it big or the roadie that thinks he’s an unofficial member) now wobble their geriatric butts (still wrapped like a mummy in leather pants and the few strands of hair they have left are kept painfully long) in to relive their glory days.

This may still be a place to easily score drugs but I was more interested in scoring some of their famous pizza.

Everyone knows that pizza is the best thing to soak up booze, so it’s very wise of the Rainbow Room to keep it on the menu. It’s actually really good. In a Shakey’s kind of way.

The Meth Tasting Sampler is sadly missing but you only have to ask.

Taco Belly regaled me with tales of her hanging out with the rock stars in the 80’s and all the wild times.

Now, here we were waiting to chow down on pizza only MINUTES after just finishing up our sushi dinner in Koreatown.

Oh, the times they have a changed!

There is a cheesy $10 cover charge but you get two drink tickets in exchange. I’m definitely getting too old for this crap.

No signature cocktails here, so you actually have to think about what flat soda or juice from concentrate you wish to mix with your bottom shelf booze. It’s taxing on the brain!

The place is a divey dump soaked with debaucherous history. Or is that just the carpet soaked with decades old beer? The place is a bit of a maze to explore, whilst dazed and confused. Definitely take a walk around and if you pass by anyone sniffing profusely, just keep walking. They obviously have a cold.

The RR is certainly a must visit for a local or tourist alike. It’s literally a blast from the past, one of the few that hasn’t been remodeled into a corny, sad version of its former self.

It’s only a matter of time. Probably around the time all those old rock stars start checking out potential assisted living homes.


Please forgive me for the poor photo quality. It was late at night and the place and I may have been on cocktail #7.

9015 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90069
(310) 278-4232

It's a plastic chair and beer banner kind of joint. No need to dress in your Sunday's best.

It’s a plastic chair and beer banner kind of joint. No need to dress in your Sunday’s best.



My friend taking me on a behind the scenes tour

My friend taking me on a behind the scenes tour