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Ajisai is a quaint, semi-upscale, very casual little sushi bar in the heart of West Hollywood right off of Santa Monica Blvd and if you know what was good for you, you’d go there right now.

We went on a Monday night, so I can’t attest to how busy it gets on a weekend, but there were just enough patrons to drown out the sounds of our chatter but not so few to make it seem like we had rented out the entire restaurant.

The fish is ultra fresh, there wasn’t a single item that tasted “fishy”. That almost never happens. Wherever you go, inevitably you’re going to pop something in your mouth that seems like it’s been dead a while. Not fun.

Or maybe I’m just going to disgusting places? Are you telling me I shouldn’t expect much more than a stomach ache from $2.99 sushi??

One standout was the famous Ajisai Roll (salmon, crab and avocado wrapped in cucumber) perfect for you low carb lovers. Also loved the #809 Crunch Roll, which was a tempura spicy tuna roll covered in julienned veggies and a light ginger sauce. Yum!

The Biscotti (Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice) is also a must order, but when isn’t it??

The prices may be a few extra bucks then the whole in the wall sushi joint wherever you live but here you’re paying for the prime location, super duper friendly service and absolutely perfect fishyless fish.

Or just keep going to the discount sushi joints and wonder why you’re spending the rest of the night (and early morning) regretting it.

809 Palm Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 652-7014
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Spicy tuna on crispy fried rice cakes

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Garlic Albacore Sashimi with Crispy Onions

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#809 CRUNCHY ROLL – 15.50
Spicy albacore tempura roll with julienne
vegetables & ginger dressing on top

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Salmon, crab & avocado wrapped in cucumber