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DeSano Pizza is a Nashville import specializing in Neapolitan style pies, authentic right down to the San Marzano tomatoes and pizza ovens using volcanic rock from Mt. Vesuvius.

This place is legit.

And has an amazing parking situation. Meaning, they actually have it. The free parking lot space is almost as big as the enormous, warehouse-sized restaurant! It’s a beautiful thing.

The vibe here is super casual. Order up front and move to the next room and find an gigantic communal table to sit at while they bring out your perfectly cooked pizza on a big cookie sheet.

This cookie sheet is your plate and the roll of paper towels provided is your napkin. Awesome.

I guess Pizza is the new BBQ. Which I have zero problems with.

Pizzas here are lightly sauced but there’s a condiment bar with minced garlic in olive oil, which I happily dipped my pizza bones in. In addition to the usual suspects (parmesan, pepper flakes) they also offer free peppadew peppers which are, forgive me for saying, super cute.

DeSano’s is on a blank stretch of Santa Monica Blvd, about as East Hollywood as you can get. Right across the street from a church.

I won’t make a church of pizza jokes, mainly because I can’t think of any.

4959 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 913-7000
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Notice how I accidentally caught Shia LaBeouf’s skywriting prowess above the restaurant.

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Pizza condiment station

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Toppings include diced garlic in olive oil and spicy peppers

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Sausage, pepperoni, garlic, buffalo mozzarella

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Spicy salame, pepperoni, calabrian peppers, buffalo mozzarella

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Close up of the Diavola pizza

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Mushroom, artichoke, prosciutto, garlic, buffalo mozzarella

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MARGHERITA D.O.P. -San Marzano tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil, garlic

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Mozzarella, ricotta, buffalo mozzarella, garlic, pecorino romano

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