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Milanesa Napolitana –
thinly cut steak, breaded & lightly fried, topped with basil tomato sauce & melted cheese, served with mashed potatoes

Lala’s opened up 17 years ago and has been packed full ever since.

Seriously, the place is never empty.

It’s Argentinian, which means meat and potatoes. Simple enough to keep butts in the seats, I guess.

Now, I haven’t been here in about ten years. I think I liked it back then, but is it still good?

Well….the mashed potatoes are!

And the free bread with chimichurri sauce is always a treat.

The meat in both dishes was nicely seasoned but a bit tough. Tough meat is a pet peeve of mine, so I think I need to bump this place down to 2 buns.

Sorry Lala’s, but I just don’t get why you’re still around, I’m hoping that tonight’s chef was in the bathroom with the runs, while the steaks were on the grill.

Hope your stomach is feeling better, sir/madam!

7229 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 934-6838
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It is never not packed at Lala’s

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Baguette with Chimichurri sauce

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Entra̱a al Ajo РSteak with Garlic and Parsley and Mashed Potatoes (their signature dish)