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Pho Bac – Beef Noodle Soup with Filet Mignon

The next Pho spot we hit in El Monte was Pho Huynh.

This place has more of a fast food vibe and a much more limited menu. Just Pho and a special kind of “dessert”.

When one of our group spotted an adventurous Pho dish on the menu, it was decided that it would be ordered. Think: blood, organs, raw egg. I’m not entirely sure what lay beneath the murky depths of this broth, but everyone tried some and it was actually delicious.

For dessert, we tried the shaved ice, red bean, jelly worms concoction. Also popular in Filipino cuisine as Halo Halo, this is a meal best consumed quickly before it melts and starts to appear like a combination of four different people’s vomit. It’s actually not bad, but we often had to take another taste to see how we really felt about the whole thing.

9706 Garvey Ave
El Monte, CA 91733
(626) 350-6688

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Pennywort Juice – Kind of like sweet wheat grass juice.

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I forget what this is and no one on Yelp seems to have ordered it. Deep below the murky depths, lay a raw egg and coagulated blood. We ordered it on a dare.

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3 Colored Dessert (Che Ba Mau)
From the bottom:
Yellow mung bean paste, kidney beans, green agar strips and shaved ice.

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The 3 Color Dessert, mixed up. “What is it, again??” “It’s…uh…dessert!”