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Purista Margarita / La Conquistadora

Ok, this place has only been open a week so I’m going to reserve harsh judgment for now. Here are just some thoughts, spewed at out random.

At 6 p.m. on a Sunday night, this place was packed!

Be careful what you order. Dishes seem to be hit or miss here. I did my Yelp research so everything I ordered was delicious. So there.

The Chilaquiles were flavorful, spicy and a huge portion for a decent price. I could only finish half! And I’m a certified pig. Also on the plate were a side of finely pureed refried black beans. LOVED These.

We did start with two appetizers, both hefty portions. The Brussels Sprouts were baked in a tasty cashew cheese sauce, topped with bread crumbs.

The Gorditas looked more like pupusas but were delicious as well, definitely recomended.

The Enchiladas Con Mole seemed to be missing any actual contents. They were simply rolled up tortillas covered in sauce. They came with a side of the refried black beans and steamed greens. Don’t bother with this dish.

The cocktails were solid, if not on the pricey side ($14 each, which is fast becoming standard). The Purista Margarita was the better of the three we tried.

For dessert, we tried both the Flan (it had a peanut butter flavor to it) and the AMAZING Mocha Cheesecake.

Similar to a dessert I had at their sister restaurant, Cafe Gratitude, this is the smoothest, creamiest dessert you will ever have. It’s just freaking delicious. And large. You still may not want to share.

Gracias Madre is a swanky and quite expansive, featuring a substantial and peaceful courtyard.

Overall, I would say a good place for a drink or two and a few carefully chosen plates. Maybe in a few months, I would say come here to pig out on a full on dinner. But we’re not there just yet.

8905 Melrose Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(323) 978-2170
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