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The Local Peasant is just like the dozen other gastropubs in LA (except this one is in Sherman Oaks) that serves these three essential items:

Deviled Eggs
Pork Belly

These three foodstuffs (and anything with Kale) are staples on many LA menus, but they exist on ALL gastropub menus, for sure. Fer sure, dude. We are in the Valley, after all.

The good news: those three things are delicious. They’ve firmly replaced soup, salad and breadsticks as appetizers.

So, points away for originality but points added because The Local Peasant does a good job with all three.

Here’s where I’m taking away some more points.

The Fish and Chips was the worst experience I’ve had with the genre…ever. They were just gross. The batter was thick and soggy and pancakey (in a bad way). So wrong. I had to pick out my fish from the batter-field (get it?) and it was like I was playing the game “Operation”.

The Deep Fried Blue Cheese Olives are a must-order. Points!

I’m also taking a few points away for having a bald ass pretzel. Pretzels are ONLY yummy when they have salt on them. If you disagree, exit out of this page. We’re not longer friends or whatever you call this weird relationship we have.

I really enjoyed my simple Apricocious cocktails so add some points for that.

I loved the wide open space (add a few more points).

But subtract a few points because it’s the only place of it’s kind nearby and can get really crowded.

Add a few more points (Ok, this is getting old, I know) because the servers were really friendly.

Once we tally up all the points, we have 37. Which is decent. OH! Add a few more for the great burger.

OK, even I’M annoyed with myself. Sorry.

14058 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(818) 501-0234
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