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Chicken Tikka Poutine

I love Indian food even though the two of us have had a stormy relationship.

A few years ago, when I returned from my trip to India, I wasn’t able to touch that spicy cuisine for over a year. I had gotten majorly sick three times while there and wasn’t too keen on dumping anything remotely similar into my weakened stomach.

Unlike almost all the other popular ethnic foods, such as Mexican and Chinese, Indian food has never received an update. A fresh coat of paint, if you will.

All anyone orders is the Chicken Tikka Massala.

And there’s nothing wrong with that dish, it’s delicious.

There’s something comforting knowing exactly what’s going to be on the menu when you show up.

When you say “I’m craving Chinese” what you really mean is “I want Orange Chicken and chow mein noodles”.

You don’t necessarily want to see what creative far east concoctions the chef has whipped up. You want familiarity. Save the creativity for your community center art class, buddy. Just serve me Panda Express at double the price.

But Indian cuisine good use a good Public Relations boost. I never see a packed Indian restaurant, EVER. It’s losing in the polls. Maybe Miley Cyrus should do a commercial for them.

Badmaash is exactly what I didn’t realize I was craving. Delicious, tasty and creative spins on traditional dishes with familiar flavors.

They have a decent selection of old school versions of stuff too, but what is really selling are the Chicken Tikka Poutine, Butter Chicken Samosas or the 2-Bite Fish Fry.

Those three items were the stars of the night, BTW.

The Spiced Lamb Burger was also a bit hit.

It’s a small and popular spot, so make a reservation, share a bunch of stuff with your friends and enjoy the Bollywood movies being projected on the walls.

108 W 2nd St
Ste 104
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 221-7466
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Bollywood Movies are shown on the walls

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A pivotal scene, judging by the scythe

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Chili Cheese Naan

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#HotSpicyIndianSausage (that’s how it appears on the menu)

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Lamb Burger

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Paneer Cheese Dumpling