Fried Chicken Sandwich

Fried Chicken Sandwich

The Doughroom is one of those places that I hope is still there in 9 months…but probably won’t be.

It’s in an odd location, on a street with no foot traffic, next to a smog check center. In an area with no other real restaurants.

They have only word of mouth to save them.

Reviews on Yelp have been mixed so I wasn’t expecting much for today’s lunch.

The lunch menu is a bit odd. The top part consists of the infamous “small plates” which are the same price as many of the full sized sandwiches and pizzas below.

Why would anyone spend $12 for some fancy carrots or $8 for a few sips of soup when they can spend $11 on a nice sized fried chicken sandwich?

May as well do away with the small plates idea for lunch, no one’s buying it when they’re not imbibing a few cocktails.

Only then is paying $11 for some grilled romaine a better idea than forking over a few bucks more for a full on pizza.

Ok, now onto the food.

Since it was only lunch, we only tried two things. And both were really tasty.

The Fried Chicken Sandwich had thick, juicy, nicely breaded pieces of chicken (could have been crispier) topped with a vinegary cole slaw and pickles. The brioche was soft, moist and pillowy.

The toppings on the Sausage and Sage pizza were sparse but flavorful. The crust was airy and crispy around the edges and thin and soft in the center. Loved the brushing of olive oil on the crust edges so you don’t even think about not finishing the oft-dry pizza bones.

Service was really friendly and efficient.

This may be a 180 experience from dinner but I would definitely recommend this place for lunch.

If its still around when you finally decide to go.

Just in case, I’ll give a preemptive RIP shoutout to the Doughroom. You were nice while you lasted.

3409 Overland Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(424) 258-6194



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Chicken Apple Sausage, Sage and Provolone Pizza