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Seekh Kabob with rice, saag and chana masala.


(Oh My God What A Dump)

When I looked on Yelp for the best rated Indian restaurant in my area, Crown of India came up. Then I looked up the location. Literally 5 minutes from my house.

How have I not seen this place before??


Now I know why, I realize, as I drive past the shady, scary strip mall that I’ve driven past a million times, always avoiding eye contact.

What an absolutely depressing place to consume a meal! Take your US Citizenship test or quietly perform a drug deal, sure.

How on earth does this place stay in business? There was only one lone guy sitting when we arrived and after he left a few minutes later, we were the sole survivors the entire evening.

I’m assuming Crown of India makes its business via take out or delivery.

The funny thing about all the crap I just wrote is the food was really phenomenal! Some of the best Indian I’ve ever had!

We shared the Chicken Vindaloo (rich and mildly spicy tomato and lemon sauce) and the Seekh Kabob (minced chicken kabobs with spices, onions and bell pepper) and both were exceptional. The meat was high quality and moist.

The naan had a nice crust and wasn’t soggy like I’m used to.

The samosas stood out because the peas and potatoes were pureed instead of whole, seemingly containing more flavor and easier to eat (I don’t think eating should be work, ie: excessive chewing).

I really loved the Chana Masala (chickpeas in masala sauce) that came with my Seekh Kabob meal.

For dessert we ordered the Kulfi, which is India’s answer to ice cream. It came in cut triangle shapes and tasted like frozen rice pudding. Very good. Small portion but rich, so it’s all you need.

If you can get past the shitty locale (who doesn’t love a good pawn shop) and the dour expression on the employee’s faces (I would look like that too if I had to constantly toss out twitching, unsavory characters) come here and grab some take out and eat it in a location that doesn’t bring forth suicidal thoughts.

6755 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 465-3321
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Chicken Vindaloo with rice, saag and chana masala.

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The delicious chana masala (chickpeas)

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Don’t let the drapes and linen tablecloths fool you. They’re going for opulence but the lighting is more “dressing room at Ross!”

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Crown of India cares about it’s handicapped patrons. If only the guests could show the same courtesy and stop ramming into their own sign!

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