Miceli’s is Hollywood’s oldest Italian restaurant (since 1949) and while it’s most certainly a tourist trap, it’s also a fun, historic local haunt that is worth checking out.

It’s dark and campy inside. Dangling from the ceiling are the corpses of cheap Chianti bottles, signed by previous patrons.

They seem to have live music most nights (that means someone at a piano singing or crooning waitresses milling about).

The food is typical traditional Italian fare. You will find no quinoa or kale in these dishes and that’s why I love this place.

That being said, you’ve gotta know what to order.

The Sausage Cannelloni? Not so much.

That Antipasta Misto? Uh, probably wouldn’t again.

The classic Lasagna is super tasty. Great meat sauce with the perfect cheese situation. Sometimes lasagnas can be too cheesy. I know, I know. But it can happen.

The pizza is really great too. The crust could be crispier but wadya gonna do?

You’re gonna sit your butt down and not complain about the ice cold butter on the table just as the waitress walks up and starts to give you real attitude cuz you’re being an annoying customer.

1646 N Las Palmas Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 466-3438



Love dem rolls...

Love dem rolls…

Anitpasto Misto

Anitpasto Misto

Lasagna - Aunt Angie's Original

Lasagna – Aunt Angie’s Original

Sausage Cannelloni

Sausage Cannelloni

Miceli's Special Pizza

Miceli’s Special Pizza

You can customize your own bottle and they'll hang it up after you leave! (or so they tell us)

You can customize your own bottle and they’ll hang it up after you leave! (or so they tell us)