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About a year ago, I wrote a very Buy Diazepam Next Day Delivery review of a neighboring Ethiopian restaurant but Rahel was a birthday dinner and I had no choice.

The supremely shocking thing is that I actually liked it…

I’m not at ALL saying I suddenly like Ethiopian food cuz I don’t.

But once you cut out meat from the equation, I don’t think I need to induce vomiting directly after my meal anymore.


Our group sat in a fun and random hut (sweat lodge) located in a corner of the restaurant and shared our meal from a large, communal platter of unfortunate looking piles of dog excrement, I mean lentil stews and veggies.

I had previously mentioned that Injera (Ethiopian bread which looks like a spongy napkin) tasted like the stuffing of a sour school bus seat cushion. Well, along those lines.

But for some reason, tonight I liked it!

The sour nicely balanced out the mildly spiced stews and veggies.

While this blog post will in no way make a case for Ethiopian food, I had a great time and the food didn’t suck.

The service was friendly, the interior was charming (even though the place was a ghost town) and the prices were low.

There. I said something nice.

1047 S Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90019
(323) 937-8401
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We had just enough people to fit in this odd but fun hut. If someone else would have joined us, we would have hated them for depriving us of our hut experience.

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Since there are no utencils provided, we are instructed to wash our hands.

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Sambussas – Kind of like Indian Samosas but stuffed with spiced lentils.

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Millenium Special – A combination of : Split lentil Stew, Split-pea Stew, String beans mixed with carrots, Greens, Sunflower mixed with Injera, Potatoes mixed with Carrots and Cabbage , Punpkin Stew, Tomato mixed with Injera , Salad with house dressing