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The Perfect Dumpling

Peking Tavern is a downtown gastropub, serving Beijing street food and they sure know their way around a dumpling!

Or dumpy, as we call them.

Now, they’re having their soft opening this week so we have to forgive any hiccups. I’m not judging them based on their prices (tonight, everything was $5 including cocktails) or their service (everyone was really friendly, if a bit scattered) or the general setup or seating (your order at the counter and then hope to find a seat).

I’m just here for the dumplings.

And I was not disappointed.

They were awesome!

They were also impossible to pick up with the plastic chopsticks (Peking, take note: WOODEN) and watching folks (including myself) fight other guests for the few and far between condiment trays (I don’t eat dumplings without chili paste) proved to be quite entertaining.

I was hit with a passive agressive “Uh…sure” as I walked away with the tray. Lady, you have one bite left. Choke it down bare and go home, you’re taking up valuable real estate for the line of folks currently placing their order and wondering where the hell they’re gonna sit.

Tabatha Coffey from Bravo’s “Tabatha Takes Over” TV show sat next to us but left shortly after she grew frustrated she couldn’t order another drink.

Chesty Morgan and I really loved the Pork Dumplings, the Beef Potstickers and the Beef Roll. We didn’t care for the Scallion Pancake (I always want to like them but they’re only as flavorful as the condiments you dump on top of them) and the Salad Plate was fine but unnecessary.

I really enjoyed the White Tiger Soda (with yogurt liquer and raspberry) and Chesty preferred the Wong Chiu Punch (with hibiscus liquer and lemon), she found my yogurt cocktail too tart and that was exactly the reason I liked it.

Peking Tavern is a casual and fun bar that serves killer dumplings. Think of it like that and you will not be disappointed.

806 S Spring St
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 988-8308
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Dumplings in Progress

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Steamed Pork Dumplings

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Scallion Pancake

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Salad Plate

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Beef Potsticker