2 Piece Fried Chicken Meal

2 Piece Fried Chicken Meal


As with Jim Dandy, you’re going to have to head to South Central to enjoy this juicy fried chicken with a spicy, magical coating.

Golden Bird, in LA since 1953, really focuses their talent on the batter and seasoning but still manages to turn an often thought of dry chicken breast into a succulent experience.

Seriously, how do they make these chicken boobies so juicy?? (I’m assuming Satan has his hand in it)

While the skin isn’t too terribly crispy, they make up for it in the seasoning.

Golden Bird’s motto is “It’s all about the Flava” and you’ll certainly see why after your first bite.

Check out their enormous selection of bottled sodas displayed on an entire wall.

The outside is really old and run down but inside it’s actually kind of nice. Just pay no attention to the homeless woman that will come in and ask you for a piece of chicken and then retreat to the bathroom for the rest of your visit.

“Ok, we’ve had our chicken, now let’s get the hell outta here!” – Chesty Morgan

8300 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90047
(323) 750-0705


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