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Dynamite Salmon with steamed vegetables.

Sweet Chili Thai is a solid Thai joint that I would only go to if it was in my neighborhood.

Which this is.

It appears that most folks get this stuff to go (as the many customers coming in and picking up orders can attest to) and there ain’t much to look at inside. Perfect first date spot? Not so much.

Maybe a few years in, come here if you have a hankering for Thai but don’t want to drive to one of the good places.

This will do.

The highlights were the steamed Thai dumplings and the Dynamite Salmon.

While non-fancy joints tend to always overcook salmon (this place was no exception) the sauce was really tasty and I didn’t mind one bit.

The green curry is supposedly made from scratch but I found it a bit too thick and not spicy enough.

I should have gotten a meat to go insde the Garden Rolls. They were just ok. A peanut sauce would have been more decadent of an accompaniment.

Hmm, I know it seems like I didn’t really like this place but just come and order different stuff or something.

8276 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(323) 654-2892
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Thai Dumpling – steamed with ground chicken and shrimp

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Garden Roll with citrus sweet and sour sauce.

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Green Curry – Homemade, apparently.