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Chili Cheese Burger

LA Buns is a little burger hut located along the stretch of Weho where all the bars are.

You probably wouldn’t come here (or even see the place) unless you were somewhat (severely) intoxicated.

Tonight, we were stone cold sober.

The burgers were tasty and cheap. The patties were definitely previously frozen but…oh well. You ain’t payin’ much for ’em.

They have a substantial Mexican menu, too. We tried a beef taco, which was certainly solid but could have used some salsa.

I’ve heard the nachos are pretty top notch.

If you have to be sober (boring) and have to have a burger (smart) and are in the West Hollywood area, I would probably suggest Irv’s over LA Buns. If only for the much easier parking.

8787 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 659-3745

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Shockingly, there was only ONE homeless guest (out of frame).

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