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Acabar’s theme is French inspired cuisine along the spice trail and while the portions may be a bit small and the prices a tad high, dining here will prove to be a creative, sexy and memorable night out.

Acabar has transformed the former outdated Moroccan space (located in the former Dar Maghreb, I once saw the joint featured in a 1980’s John Travolta movie) into a gorgeous, ethereal vision of what life would be life if France had continued to colonize the far and middle east. And if that sort of thing wasn’t frowned upon in today’s society.

The lighting in here is just…sexy! I can’t believe I used that word twice. But it is. Darkly lit yet spotted with hundreds of what appears to be flickering candles bouncing off a disco ball. Stay late and the place even gets a little lively.

Cocktails are by the hottest duo in LA (Julian Cox and Josh Goldman from Rivera, Sotto and Picca) and they do not disappoint. In keeping with the theme, they are getting you drunk via vintage cocktails throughout the ages.

Divided into two sections (lounge and restaurant) Acabar is the perfect place to have a few cocktails, share a few small bites and then move over to the lounge to meet the rest of your gang that couldn’t afford dinner.


* PORN BREAD – A bacon, cheesy jalapeno cornbread shaped into an obscene log. It’s AWESOME. Especially with the almond honey butter.

* STEAMED BUNS – Sort of like Asian tacos with the steamed bun as the shell. Delish.

* LAMB DUMPLINGS – A small bowl of Asian dumpling soup, good for sharing or enjoying all to yourself.

* ZOMBIE – This signature Tiki-inspired cocktail is great for sipping and super tasty.

* The decor and ambiance are fantastic, great place to sit back and let your eyes wander.


The Lamb Meatballs were very tasty but you only get 3 tiny balls in a portion, I would suggest adding two or three more.

As interesting as the beet flavor in the Arancini rice balls were, I don’t think the flavor combo of everything really meshed. Needs more cheese of some sort.

1510 N Stanley Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 876-1400
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TOMATO TRILOGY / heirloom / o.d cherry / fried green tomatoes / smoked eggplant / crushed olives

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NORTHERN HALIBUT CEVICHE / s.b. uni / aji amarillo / reed avocado / local mango

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ARANCINI / crispy risotto / roasted beets / mint / walnuts / orange ricotta

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SQUASH BLOSSOMS PROVENÇAL / tomme cheese / zucchini mousse / basil / melted tomatoes

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PORN BREAD / corn / aged cheddar / bacon / almond-honey butter

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LAMB MERQUEZ MEAT BALLS / white bean hummus / cipolini / moroccan olives + orange marmalade

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LAMB DUMPLINGS PROVENÇAL / lamb broth / goat cheese / marjoram / black olives

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STEAMED BUNS / crispy duck confit / spicy daikon-scallion relish / pickled stone fruit

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CHARRED OCTOPUS / wild broccolini / aleppo muhammara

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Macaroons stuffed with Fig Ice Cream