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Toad in a Hole – Chunks of beef, mushrooms and onions in a Yorkshire pudding.

The Tam ‘O Shanter is a 90 year old Scottish steakhouse owned by the Lawry’s restaurant team.

FYI, a Tam ‘O Shanter is 19th century slang for a Scottish bonnett.

So, 90 years ago, this place was just called The Hat. Not really.

Today, TOS is a quirky dichotomy of olde school steakhouse (including those patrons over 70 who do NOT see the kitsch factor) and the hipsters who want to make fun of the Renaissance Faire motif.

However, since many hipsters are vegan, the 70+ meatloving crowd certainly takes over. Thankful not to be made fun of while they gnaw on prime rib and request extra toothpicks afterwards.

Since I’m not a big prime rib fan, I chose the British favorite “Toad in a Hole”.

I’ve often seen this done with sausages wriggling in gravy in a Yorkshire pudding bathtub.

Yorkshire pudding is like a popover people, do I have to explain everything to you??

The bits of filet mignon in my Toad weren’t the most tender beef I’ve ever had but it was still a satisfying dish. Especially once I poured horseradish on it.

I did try the prime rib and it was certainly everything one would desire in such a thing. Pink, fleshy, meaty.

The Scotch Egg had some nice spice to it but I found the fried cod croquettes to be a bit fishy.

I firmly believe that good British food can only be found in the UK or a Renaissance Faire.

While the Tam certainly is fun and has some good dishes, I can’t exactly say it disproves my belief.

2980 Los Feliz Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90039
(323) 664-0228
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Prime Rib (California Cut) with mashed potatoes, creamed spinach and Yorkshire pudding.