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Carne Asada Cachetada – Tostada with beef, Mexican cheese and chipotle aioli


Our final stop on our Taco Tour was Mexicali Taco and Co, a former food truck turned brick and mortar in downtown LA.

I ordered the two things that seemed the most unique, the Cachetada (basically a tostada topped with meat cheese and spicy aioli) and the Vampiro (a super tasty quesadilla with a delish garlic sauce).

Both impressed me.

Chesty Morgan ordered the Shrimp Taco but agreed that Guisado’s taco was much better.

This place is inexpensive, super casual and offer a great salsa bar.

Ok folks! Taco week is over. Each place offers something unique and special and I would highly recommend any of them if you’re wallet and your stomach are feeling a bit bare.

702 N Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 613-0416
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Vampiro – Quesadilla with Al Pastor and Garlic Sauce

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