After pining for hours* over Top Round’s menu, Clyde and I decided on the three most interesting of the upscale Arby-esque roast beef sandwiches to devour like animals.


After finishing and enjoying all three, I began to really analyzing what we just ate.

The beef was tender and juicy, the bun was nice and soft. The sauces worked very well.

Why didn’t I love them more?

First of all, I was expecting an au jus to dip them in. I guess they’re pre dipped.

The meat seemed to cool down in minutes. They just didn’t taste as good once cooled down.

I would have preferred the buns to have been toasted, as each bite was kind of a soggy mess without some crisp to counterbalance the super tender beef.

The cheese fries were fine but the fries also cooled down pretty quickly.

We’re in the midst of a heat spell where people are dying and my sandwich can’t keep hot?? Doesn’t add up.

I needed some good news.

Knowing I would probably not be bad, I ordered one of their frozen custard shakes.

Each option appeared more delicious than the next. I decided on the Tin Roof, filled with sundae toppings (cherries/fudge/peanuts/marshmallows) and it was like a Dairy Queen Blizzard!

Two things happened next which baffled and unnerved me.

First, as the guy was spooning in a mound of marshmallows, he used his fingers to scrape off the residuals INTO MY DRINK. Right in front of me!

He also took my sundae to the garbage and proceeded to DUMP A BUNCH OF THE DELICIOUS TOP LAYER INTO THE TRASH so that he could put a to-go lid on it!!!

I didn’t need it to-go that badly, buddy!! Just hand the thing to me and I’ll put my own lid on.

So offensive.

Top Round is fun, casual, retro roast beef fast food, so just keep that in mind the whole time and I think you’ll be much more impressed than we were.

1000 S La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90019
(323) 549-9445



Cheese Fries

Cheese Fries


Horse and Hole

Horse and Hole

Ain't much to look at

Ain’t much to look at

Black and Blue

Black and Blue


Custard Shake - "Tin Roof" - Cherries/Peanuts/Marshmallows/Fudge

Custard Shake – “Tin Roof” – Cherries/Peanuts/Marshmallows/Fudge