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Beautiful Door County, Wisconsin is famous for their cherries.

After our fun and festive day of cheese curd excess, we all headed to Door County for the wedding weekend of our good friends Amy and Jeff who I, for some random reason, nicknamed Siefried and Roy in my prior blogs.

Door County is absolutely stunning. Picturesque and lush. Perfect wedding territory.

I was actually working this wedding, I was the second shooter, assisting Silk Stockings who was the main photographer.

So, join us as we eat Door County, Wisconsin! Enjoy!

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Thursday night’s welcome dinner on the waterfront. Walleye, Cherry Margaritas and Summer Shandys to be had

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Some of the bridal party gather to celebrate

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Cherry Margaritas! Delish!

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Walleye! This whitefish is on every menu and pretty tasty.

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Summer Shandy! A man’s man’s beer. “It’s NOT beer, but a delicious cold beverage!” insists Tenille.

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Some of our gang taking a dip. They were never heard from again.

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The White Gull Inn is known for one delicious breakfast dish…

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Cherry Iced Tea and Diet Mountain Dew – DMD can be found on EVER menu, it’s surreal.

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Cherry Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast!! SO delicious.

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Cherry Pancakes! (almost as good)

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Hard Cider Tasting. This stuff blows regular, sweeter cider out of the water. Too expensive to ship so we had a few days to enjoy the stuff.

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Atop the rickety, creaky old wooden tower. Being afraid of heights, making it to the top proved quite a feat for Chesty and I.

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Some lighthouse that they wouldn’t let us inside unless we joined the tour. The tour leader spoke so softly, we feared we would fall fast asleep beforehand, so we just left.

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Wisconsin is also known for their custard, so we got some!

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She’s going to kill me.

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When there are fun cardboard cutouts, you put your head through them, dammit. Even if you have no clue what they are.

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One of the numerous cherry stores along the road. Cherry wine is…not for the faint of heart.

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Location scouting for the bridal photos.

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The happy couple! Wedding rehearsal

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My very first FISH BOIL.

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Our pending din din

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This fire ain’t gonna light itself!

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This man does not mess around.

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Regailing the future bride and groom with an abundance of seafaring jokes

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The Spoils fo the Boil

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Door County Cherry Pie! Good stuff…