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Ever since I saw Plops open up on Santa Monica Blvd, me and my friend began to obsess over it.

Randomly send each other texts and emails at all hours of the day that simply said “cakeballs”.

We had to go!

So, after a quick burger across the way, we jaywalked across the street and shove some balls in our mouths.

Hey, now.

The place is really sleak and they only serve balls of cake covered in a thin layer of frosting.

All you have to decide is which flavors you want.

P.S. you’re probably gonna want at least 6 which will set you back $5.99

I really loved the flavors here and the balls were by no means dry. But I would have loved them to be just a bit more moist.

Maybe even filled with a tiny plop of cream filling.

Oh well, I still enjoyed them and I still would come back for more Ploppage.

8730 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 854-3300
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